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Lea's Cakes

we make every treat a memorable one!

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Lea's Cakes

     The story of Lea’s cakes starts with her love of baking yummy treats. Realizing her potential her parents decided to share them with the world and founded Lea’s cake. It’s a fundraiser program which has a core value to ensure that Lea and other young girls and boys who have a passion for baking yummy sweets, can begin their journey of a successful career now. You are never too young to start working on your dreams and passions.


      With the aim of producing tempting treats Lea’s committed and dedicated parents’ wishes to establish Lea's Cakes Fundraiser's established all around the District of Columbia, Maryland and Northern Virginia. 90% of all proceeds go to her 529 college savings fund. The other 10% goes into the business. Lea has a range of classic treats and flavors however, she always likes to add a certain Love touch to her treats to make them a bit more special.


Lea's Cakes

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